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The S-A-P Group provides a

business-oriented approach to airport planning


  • Cost and revenue benchmarking studies

  • Budgeting for airport operating expenses and revenues

Financial Analysis
  • Assessment of potential cost savings

  • Aeronautical rates and charges calculations

Airport Privatisation
  • Operational improvements

  • Transaction benchmarking

  • Debt and equity support

  • Operating expense and
    revenue forecasting

  • Revenue enhancement opportunities

  • Cost-benefit analyses for projects

  • Performance benchmarking

  • Passenger intercept surveys (airport satisfaction, passenger dwell times)

Strategic Planning
  • Concession sales surveys

  • Airline traffic allocation policies

  • Airline lease and fee negotiations

  • Economic regulation of aeronautical fee rates (landing fees, passenger facility charges, airport departure fees)

Regulatory Assistance
  • Compliance with ICAO and
    IATA standards for economic regulation

Commercial Revenue Development
  • Terminal design planning
    to maximize commercial development opportunities

  • Air service development and
    other aeronautical activity enhancement strategies

  • Non-aeronautical and
    commercial revenue development (terminal, real estate, airport hotel, car parking, rental car)

  • Terminal concession development programs (shop layout strategies, commercial arrangements)

Activity Forecasting
  • Aircraft operations
    (by aircraft type, aircraft size, landed weight/MTOW)

  • Peak hour activity levels,
    including dwell time analyses

  • Passenger activity levels (including categories of activity, such as local/originating, transit/transfer, by destination and passenger type)

  • Cargo forecasting

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